St Laurence's National School, Chapelizod

                                Under the patronage of the Church of Ireland


Happy bodies - Healthy eating

  • Smoothie making
  • Introduction of fruit and vegetable sculpture task


Happy bodies - Exercising

Wake-up, shake-up

Penalty shootout

Basketball hoop challenge


Happy minds - Focussing on positivity

  • Smile day - design your own smily emoji and think of a motto to promote positive thinking and wellbeing in school.
  • Colour me happy - wear clothes today whcih are as colourful as possible, creating a bright, happy rainbow of colour througout the school!


Happy minds - Thinking about ways to relax our bodies

  • Wish, worry, wonder - express feelings privately or through drawing or writing
  • Guided breathinag - taking nice slow deep breaths and breathing out slowly too
  • Making 'Calm Jars


Happy Bodies - Keep our bodies fit and active

  • Mindful Mile - the whole school walked through the park focusing on sounds, smells and sights and how our bodies feel when we're active.
  • Fruit and vegetable sculptures presentation.

Ms Whelan also facilitated all pupils in building activities during the week. In small groups, and following a set of guidelines, the children worked together to complete a building project.